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2022 Study in Japan Virtual Fair

Information on 2022 JASSO Study in Japan Online Fair Schedule, Other Matters

Fair Rescheduled on July 8, 2022

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Implementation Guideline


The goal of the Study in Japan Online Fair is to serve the needs of international students wishing to attend Japanese institutions of higher education or otherwise study in Japan, enabling them to achieve fruitful learning in Japan. The Fair provides online information to support such individuals in their selection of appropriate destinations for studies, as well as knowledge concerning Japan's study abroad system and higher education.

2.Date and Number of Exhibitors

The Study in Japan Online Fair ("The Fair") will be implemented two times, each session lasting two days, as described on Chart 1: Implementation Schedule. The language to be used in all sessions of The Fair will be English.

Chart 1: Implementation Schedule

Session 1

Fair Dates Time (Japan Time) Participating Institutions (scheduled)
July 30 (Saturday), 2022 12:00~5:40 p.m. 25 institutions
July 31 (Sunday), 2022 12:00~6:50 p.m. 25 institutions

Session 2

Fair Dates Time (Japan time) Participating Institutions (scheduled)
August 27 (Saturday), 2022 12:00~5:40 p.m. 25 institutions
August 28 (Sunday), 2022 12:00~6:50 p.m. 25 institutions

> >Session 1 Participating Institution List

> >Session 2 Participating Institution List

3.Target Countries and Persons

Broadcast Target Nations: All countries worldwide (including Japan)

Targeted Individuals:

High school, university and other students residing abroad who wish to study in Japan; guidance counselors and other staffers at high schools and other institutions; international exchange coordinators at universities, etc.; students of overseas nationality enrolled at Japanese language schools in Japan and other individuals wishing to advance to institutions of higher education in Japan; faculty members at Japanese language institutions, etc.

4.Organizer, etc. (Tentative)

Promotion Japan Student Services Organization
Support Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Japan Foundation, Japan External Trade Organization

Individual country Japan study alumni associations and affiliated organizations


(1) Information Supplied at Fair Special Website

A special English-language website will be established for the Fair. The website will provide information on participating institutions, the schedule for live sessions on the Fair dates, seminar information and other data.

(2) Live Sessions with Participating Institutions (implemented in the scheduled listed in "2" above)

Presentations on the educational program content, distinguishing characteristics and question-and-answer sessions will be provided by each participating institution. Live distribution of recorded sessions will be posted on YouTube at a later date.

(3)Study in Japan Online Seminar

With the objective of supplying information on opportunities for studying in Japan, a Study in Japan Fair Online Seminar is scheduled to be offered as described below.

Seminar Dates Speakers Seminar Content & Targets

Late July ~ mid-August

Speakers from outside institutions

Content: Procedures to prepare for next stage of education, obtain residential status, etc.

Targets: International students and other individuals (primarily residing in Japan) seeking to advance to universities and other institutions.

July and August

Presented by JASSO in 7 languages

Content: Overview of studies and scholarships in Japan

Targets: International students and their guardians residing in Japan or abroad

October 2022 ~ February 2023

Participating institution faculty members

Content: Examination strategies, graduate school planning, employment in Japan, etc.

Targets: International students and their guardians residing in Japan or overseas

6. Exhibitors

> > Session 1 Participating Institution List

> > Session 2 Participating Institution List