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2022 Study in Japan Virtual Fair

As of July 8, 2022

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This virtual fair is designed to provide international students with up-to-date and accurate information about Japanese higher education and research in order to help the students select an appropriate school and achieve their academic pursuits, thereby promoting study in Japan.

2.Date and Number of Exhibitors

Study in Japan Virtual Fair (hereinafter referred to as virtual fair) will be held 2 days each in July and August.
The schedule and the number of exhibitors are as follows. The language used in this virtual fair is English.

The First Virtual Fair
Date Time (Japan time) The Number of Exhibitors (plan)
July 30, 2022 (Sat.) 12:00~17:40 25 Institutions
July 31, 2022 (Sun.) 12:00~18:50 25 Institutions
The Second Virtual Fair
Date Time (Japan time) The Number of Exhibitors (plan)
August 27, 2022 (Sat.) 12:00~17:40 25 Institutions
August 28, 2022 (Sun.) 12:00~18:50 26 Institutions

> Exhibitors of the First Virtual Fair (PDF)

> Exhibitors of the Second Virtual Fair (PDF)

3.Target Countries and Persons

Target Countries: All over the world including Japan.

Target Persons:
High school and university students living outside Japan and wishing to study in Japan, college guidance counselors, international educators, etc.
International students currently enrolled in Japanese language institutions in Japan and planning to enter a higher educational institution in Japan, instructors and staff of Japanese language institutions.

4.Organizers (Tentative)

Organizer Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
Supporters: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, The Japan Foundation, Japan External Trade Organization

Alumni associations, and other relevant organizations.
(Cooperators are being adjusted.)


(1)Providing information about participating institutions

We will be launching our event website made especially for the Study in Japan Virtual Fair (hereinafter referred to as event website). Each institutions' basic information, the schedule, and detailed information of virtual seminars will be posted on the event website. These contents will be offered in English.

(2)Virtual seminars conducted by participating institutions (The dates are mentioned above in 3.)

The contents include presentations by institutions about their academic programs and strong points as well as Q&A sessions will be livestreamed. After the virtual fair, the recorded seminars will be displayed on JASSO's YouTube Channel.

(3)Study in Japan online seminars

JASSO and each JASSO's overseas branches will host the virtual seminars to provide basic information regarding study in Japan. The details of the seminars are as below.

Date Lecturer Contents and target persons
Late July and middle of August Visiting lecturer from external organizations.

Contents:How to prepare to proceed to higher education institutions. / Procedure for changing your status of residence.

Target:Main target is the persons who live in Japan and planned to proceed to higher education institutions in Japan.

July and August

JASSO's Staff, Conducted in 7 languages

Contents:Basic information about study in Japan / Scholarships

Target:International students who wish to study in Japan and their guardians etc..

October to February, 2023 Teaching staff of Exhibitors

Contents:Test-preparation, the points of preparation to go to graduate school, and employment in Japan.

Target:International students inside and outside of Japan and their guardians etc..

6. Exhibitors

> Exhibitors of the First Virtual Fair (PDF)

> Exhibitors of the Second Virtual Fair (PDF)