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Support Measures for Ukrainian Students by Japanese Universities

The Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) collaborates in the survey implemented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan (MEXT) concerning assistance measures available from Japanese universities to students from Ukraine. This survey is positioned as one phase of humanitarian support for the Ukrainian people, with MEXT and JASSO is pleased to report on the findings compiled to date.

The following information summarizes assistance measures provided by Japanese universities for Ukrainian students wishing to study in Japan. This includes financial support to help cover tuition fees, housing expenses and living costs, as well as availability of online (remote) learning and other opportunities. The results of this survey will continue to be updated as deemed necessary.

The information on online lectures by Japanese universities and support for life in Japan is also featured on the following sites.

(JV-Campus)Ukraine Student Support Box

【Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and technology】

【Immigration Services Agency Japan】

【Japanese Universities Offering Assistance to Ukrainian Students】

【May 18 update】

The follwing University information has been added or chenged.

Tama Art University, Tokyo College of Music, Nagoya Future Culture College

【For printing】Japanese Universities Offering Assistance for Ukrainian Students (As of May 17, 2022)

※Click on each school name to view details and inquiries (the screen will move to the lower part of this webpage).

※Contact each university to confirm the latest information, as well as recruitment/application and other details.

※This list is sorted by date last updated.

School Name

Assistance Measure Details



Tuition Fee




Living Assistance

(Financial support, etc.)



Online Learning


Tama Art University
Tokyo College of Music
Nagoya Future Culture College
University of Yamanashi
kyushu University
Tokyo Metropolitan University

Nagasaki University

Kansai University
Akita International University
International Christian University
Asahi University
Okayama Prefectural University
Sanjo City University
Higashi Nippon International University
Kyoto University of Advanced Science
Shiga University
Kanazawa University
University of Tsukuba
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Shibaura Institute of Technology
The University of Tokyo
Tohoku University

(Application is closed)

Kyoto University

(Application is closed)

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

(Application is closed)

Juntendo University

(Application is closed)

Toyo University

(Application is closed)

Akita University

(Application is closed)

Ritsumeikan University/Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

【Contents of support measures and Inquiry】

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Tama Art University Private


Eligible Applicants

Status of accepted persons:Research student

Persons who meet all of the following criteria.

The applicant is an art and/or design student who is unable to secure a safe place to study and produce works due to Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine (either a Ukrainian national or a person who can prove that he/she is enrolled in a graduate school or similar institution in Ukraine).
The applicant has been awarded a degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree by completing a course of study of at least three years at a university inside or outside of Ukraine.
Applicants must meet one of the following levels of language ability (1) through (4).

* Required English and Japanese language proficiency differs depending on the department or major.
Japanese language proficiency: Applicants must have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test administered by the Japan Foundation and the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) at the N2 level or higher.
Applicants must have scored 200 or above in the Japanese language subjects (Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, and Listening-Reading Comprehension) of the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) operated by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).
English language proficiency: B2 level or above in CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment).
Applicants who are recognized by our University as having language skills equivalent to those listed in (1) through (3) above.

Acceptance Assistance Payment of actual costs of travel, assistance in obtaining residency status.
Tuition Fee Assistance Exemption from examination fees, research student fees, and living support payment.
Housing Assistance

Payment of housing expense.

Regular rooms in our student dormitory or private rental apartments.

Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Counseling, career support, and other general life support.

Department to contact:Tama Art University International Exchange Center

Telephone number:+81-(0)42-679-5605

E-mail address: intl-ex【@】


Tokyo College of Music Private Tokyo
Eligible Applicants Undergraduate student in Ukraine (Music Major)
Acceptance Assistance

one undergraduate student

Tuition Fee Assistance Full tuitions and fees

Department to contact:International Affairs

Telephone number:03-6455-2760

E-mail address:study_abroad【@】


Nagoya Future Culture College Private Aichi
Eligible Applicants Ukranian students in Nagoya area (Undergraduate)
Acceptance Assistance 2 undergraduate students (upon arrival)
Tuition Fee Assistance Full tuitions and fees
Other Assistance Counseling in Ukranian, Japanese language studies (TBD)

Department to contact:International Center

Telephone number:052-931-7112

E-mail address:t-makino【@】


University of Yamanashi National Yamanashi
Eligible Applicants Ukrainian students facing difficulties in continuing their studies and research due to Russian military invasion.(Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students)
Acceptance Assistance Accept as a short-term foreign trainee if it is possible to provide educational programs in accordance with the students' wishes.
Tuition Fee Assistance Tuition-free
Housing Assistance Free rental of dormitories for international students
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Providing daily necessities
Online Learning Opportunities Online courses for graduate students (from second week of April, number of participants: ~500) (New applications are not accepted until the end of the current course, as this is 8-weeks online course from the 3rd week of April to the 1st week of June)

Department to contact:International Planning Division, International Affairs Department

Telephone number:055-220-8373

E-mail address:kokusai-jimu【@】


kyushu University National Fukuoka
Eligible Applicants Students who have difficulties to continue their studies/research due to the invasion by Russian forces (undergraduates/graduates)
Acceptance Assistance Support to arrive at Japan: e.g. support for visa application procedures, financial support for travel expenses etc.
Tuition Fee Assistance No academic fee required
Housing Assistance Housing will be offered free
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) 80,000 JPY/ month will be subsidized
Other Assistance Japanese language classes are available upon request
Online Learning Opportunities (Application is closed)
SIJ (Summer in Japan) consists of the following 3 parts.*All activities will be conducted in English excluding #2.
1. Academic Course (Japanese culture/Japanese Society etc.) *2 credits
2. Japanese Language Course *1 credit
3. Virtual Exchange Activities with KU Students

Department to contact:International Affairs Departmet, Kyushu University

Telephone number:81-92-802-2227

E-mail address:ー


Tokyo Metropolitan University Public Tokyo
Eligible Applicants Students who are enrolled in universities in Ukraine and wish to attend courses offered by the University.
Acceptance Assistance We encourage students with any concerns with the duration of enrollment and the choice of subjects to get in touch so that we can provide support for the best way forward.
Tuition Fee Assistance Access to classes offered by the University (free tuition)
Housing Assistance University housing (free accommodation)
Other Assistance Counseling

Department to contact:International Division, Administration Department, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Telephone number:+81 42 677 3003

E-mail address:ー


Nagasaki University

National Nagasaki
Eligible Applicants Graduate students of Ukrainian nationality
Acceptance Assistance

About 30 graduate students

* Recruitment of undergraduate Students has finished.

Tuition Fee Assistance Entrance fees and tuition fees will not be charged
Housing Assistance University dormitory and/or staff accommodation without fees
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) We are thinking Yen 50,000 (tentative) per month for up to one year at present
Other Assistance ´ Counselling
´ For those who are interested, Japanese language classes will be available

Department to contact:Center for Public Relations Strategy, Nagasaki University

Telephone number:ー

E-mail address:ukraine【@】


Kansai University Private Osaka
Eligible Applicants Undergraduate and graduate students in Ukraine
Acceptance Assistance Special auditing student, 5-10 in total
Tuition Fee Assistance Tuition exemption
Housing Assistance Support for providing accommodations in Japan
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Various livelihood support in collaboration with municipality, etc.
Other Assistance Access to various administrative services and support for community participation in collaboration with municipality, etc.
Online Learning Opportunities Remote learning including JV-Campus

Department to contact:KU Ukrainian Support Team

Telephone number:ー

E-mail address:ukr_support【@】


Akita International University Public Akita
Eligible Applicants Students participating in Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) Open University Initiative (online leaning plattfrom), which aims to support displaced students affected by the invasion by Russia.
Online Learning Opportunities ・Machine Learning and Big Data, which is being offered in the Spring 2022 semester, is being offered online and made available on the UCU Open University Initiative to students who wish to enroll.
・Poetry of Programming, which is being offered in the Spring 2022 semester is edited for the UCU Open University Initiative and offered to students who wish to enroll.

Department to contact:Division of Institutional Plannning

Telephone number:018-886-5812

E-mail address:aiuip【@】


International Christian University Private Tokyo
Eligible Applicants Must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at a university in Ukraine
Ukrainian nationals and foreign nationals who are unable to return to their home countries
Applicants inside and outside of Ukraine are eligible. If outside Ukraine, must have left Ukraine after the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022.
Must have studied/be studying Japanese
Must be proficient in Japanese or English (Must be able to audit classes in either language. If proficient in English, Japanese level does not have to be high and vice versa)
Acceptance Assistance With the support from Pathways Japan and Japan ICU Foundation, ICU acceptts 5 students as "auditors.”
Tuition Fee Assistance Auditing fee will be provided
Housing Assistance On-campus housing will be provided
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Living expense will be provided
Other Assistance Airfare to Japan will be provided

Department to contact:Public Relations Office

Telephone number:81-422-33-3040

E-mail address:pro【@】


Asahi University Private Gifu
Eligible Applicants Ukraninan students who hope to learn Japanese
Acceptance Assistance Accepted in Japanese Language and Culture Course of Asahi University. Available in English.
Tuition Fee Assistance Tuition fees waived
Housing Assistance Rent-free rental student housing
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Medical care cost support system at attached univeristy hospital
Other Assistance The Ukrainian way crisis relief is being accepted.
Online Learning Opportunities Subject to negotiation

Department to contact:Office for International Exchange

Telephone number:+81-58-329-1008

E-mail address:ー


Okayama Prefectural University Public Okayama
Eligible Applicants

Ukrainian student(Undergraduate student and graduate student)

Acceptance Assistance Acceptance as research student or course student
Tuition Fee Assistance No tuition fees

Department to contact:Secretariat Teaching Section

Telephone number:0866-94-9160(Please contact us in Japanese.)

E-mail address:ー


Sanjo City University Public Niigata
Eligible Applicants Among the evacuees from Ukraine, university students who wish to study at our university
Acceptance Assistance Allow to take any courses offered in the 1st and 2nd year of our university related or unrelated to the field of study of the evacuation university students.

Department to contact:Academic Affairs Division

Telephone number:+81-256-47-5120

E-mail address:gakumu【@】


Higashi Nippon International University Private Fukushima
Eligible Applicants Ukrainian Stidents (Special Course for Foreign Students)
Acceptance Assistance Receiving about five students
Tuition Fee Assistance Exemption of Tuition
Housing Assistance Offering accommodation without cost

Department to contact:Vice President

Telephone number:81-246-35-0402

E-mail address:ntakayuki【@】


Kyoto University of Advanced Science Private Kyoto
Eligible Applicants Ukrainian undergraduate students, graduate students and researchers displaced by the war
Acceptance Assistance Successful applicants will be allowed to choose between enrolling full-time or auditing classes short-term.
Tuition Fee Assistance 100% of all school fees and admission fees will be waived.
Housing Assistance Dormitory housing will be provided at no charge.
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Living expenses will be covered by staff donations and other means.
Other Assistance Students will be provided with Japanese language lessons, psychological counseling, and career support as needed

Department to contact:Kyoto University of Advanced Science International Office, Ukraine Support Desk

Telephone number:ー

E-mail address:ukr-support【@】


Shiga University National Shiga
Eligible Applicants undergraduate students, graduate school students
Other Assistance The project to send picture books and messages to refugee children in Ukraine, led by faculty members of the University, is ongoing in cooperation with students and local financial institutions.
In the future, we are considering expanding this project to include sending specialized books and other materials for university students, creating and providing online educational material content, and accepting students as government-sponsored international students.

Department to contact:International Affairs Division, Shiga University

Telephone number:(+81)749-27-7521

E-mail address:kokusaikou-c【@】


Kanazawa University National Ishikawa
Eligible Applicants Support for researchers in Ukraine
Acceptance Assistance Support for researchers in Ukrarine (around 6 researchers)
Housing Assistance Housing support (free of charge)
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Establish emergency relief fund for students and researchers in Ukraine and other countries
Other Assistance Support for accompanying family members

Department to contact:Global Planning Division, International Relations Department, Kanazawa University

Telephone number:076-264-5195

E-mail address:kokukou【@】


University of Tsukuba National Ibaraki
Eligible Applicants Students, etc. who cannot study or conduct research anymore due to the deteriorating situation in Ukraine
Acceptance Assistance travel expenses (up to 150,000 yen) and assistance in obtaining a status of residence will be provided
Tuition Fee Assistance Admission and tuition fees will be waived.
Housing Assistance Rent-free rental student housing at the university
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Up to 50,000 yen per month (tentative) for living expenses until March 2023.
Other Assistance Tutoring, counseling, Japanese language study programs, etc.
Online Learning Opportunities ➀Offer courses that can be taken online. ➁Waive tuition fees

Department to contact:Division of Student Exchange, Department of Student Affairs

Telephone number:029-853-2214

E-mail address:isc-somu【@】


Tokyo University of Foreign Studies National Tokyo
Eligible Applicants Students of Japanese studies living locally in Ukraine or evacuated to neighbouring countries
Other Assistance Online student exchange program (scheduled to start in mid-May)
Online Learning Opportunities ・Online Japanese language courses (Deadline for applications on April 20: May 27 to September 9). Support for Ukrainian students who wish to take the course (tuition fee borne by the university).
・Providing information and support for Japanese learning students through on-demand Japanese learning materials, Language Modules (online learning site), and JPLANG (e-learning materials for learning Japanese).

Department to contact:Office for International Affairs

Telephone number:(+81) 042-330-5868

E-mail address:kokusai-kyoten【@】


Shibaura Institute of Technology Private Tokyo
Eligible Applicants SIT offers online live classes with credit for our partner university in Ukraine(Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute/Undergraduate and graduate students)
Acceptance Assistance Accepted in online classes
Tuition Fee Assistance All Waived : Application fee, Admission fee, Tuition
Other Assistance Donations (setting up donation boxes, opening donation accounts) April 7, 2022 - May 31, 2022
Online Learning Opportunities In the first semester of AY2022, SIT will open its courses offered in English (more than 250 subjects) and offer online (live) classes to all students of KPI who wish to take them. Students who fulfill the course requirements will receive credit for their work.Seven students have taken the classes, and future classes are under consideration.

Department to contact:Division of Global Initiatives

Telephone number:+81-(0)3-5859-7140

E-mail address:kokusai【@】


The University of Tokyo National Tokyo
Eligible Applicants Students (undergraduate and graduate) who are unable to secure a safe place to study or conduct research due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia
Acceptance Assistance Support for travel to Japan: actual expenses for travel to Japan, support for obtaining status of residence
Tuition Fee Assistance tuition fees waived
Housing Assistance Free rental of university housing, etc
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) JPY 80,000 per month (tentative)
Other Assistance Counseling, Japanese language classes, and other daily life support

Department to contact:International Strategy Group

Telephone number:ー

E-mail address:crisis-support.adm【@】


【Assistance Measure Details & Inguiries】

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Tohoku University National Miyagi
Eligible Applicants Students who are unable to continue their studies in Ukraine (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Acceptance Assistance If possible, students will be accepted on educational programs, etc. in line with their wishes
Tuition Fee Assistance Tuition fees will be waived
Housing Assistance Student dormitories will be available at no charge
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Funding will be provided by the Ukraine Humanitarian Support Fund
Other Assistance Other support will depend on the situation and what is requested
Online Learning Opportunities If possible, online lessons will be made available to students in line with their wishes

Department to contact:International Support Center

Telephone number022-795-7834

E-mail addresssupportoffice【@】


(Application is closed)

Kyoto University

National Kyoto
Eligible Applicants Students (undergraduate and graduate) from our partner universities in Ukraine:the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
Acceptance Assistance Accept as non-regular students
Tuition Fee Assistance Tuition fee will be waived
Housing Assistance Free rental of housing
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Provide financial support such as scholarship benefits.
Other Assistance Provide the necessary living support.

Department to contact:International Student Division
      International and General Education Promotion Department

Telephone number:ー

E-mail address:support_ukraine【@】


(Application is closed)

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

Private Aichi
Eligible Applicants Ukranian undergraduate & graduate 
Acceptance Assistance Accepting 2 students for 1 year(2 semesters)
Tuition Fee Assistance Tuition exemption
Housing Assistance Free dorm room
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Scholarship grant of 60,000yen per month
Other Assistance One personal computer is rent for free of charge

Department to contact:ー

Telephone number:+81-561-75-1756

E-mail address:incoming_gg【@】


(Application is closed)

Juntendo University

Private Tokyo
Eligible Applicants Students, residents and/or researchers who are unable to secure a safe place to study or conduct research due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia
Acceptance Assistance Support for travel to Japan: Round trip airline ticket to Japan, support for obtaining status of residence
Tuition Fee Assistance No tuition fees
Housing Assistance Free Juntendo University accommodation
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Scholarship 60,000 JPY per month

Department to contact:Juntendo University International Center

Telephone number:ー

E-mail address:juic【@】


(Application is closed)

Toyo University

Private Tokyo,Saitama
Eligible Applicants Acceptance of fee-based exchange students from the three partneruniversities below
1) Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
2) Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University
3) National Aviation University
Accepting researchers from the three partner universities below
1) Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
2) Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University
3) National Aviation University
Acceptance Assistance Accepting 12 exchange students (4 exchange students fromeach of three partner universities)(Starting from early May) Accepting 5 researchers from partner universities andembassy-recommended researchers
Tuition Fee Assistance Full tuition-waiver (1,000,000-1,335,000 yen) *fee dependson the faculty of acceptance
Housing Assistance Free accommodation, including 2 meals on weekdays(annualhousing fee 1,248,000 yen + linen rental 28,000 yen)
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Arraival allowance 100,000 yen and annual living allowance480,000 yen
Other Assistance Air ticket to Japan and costs associated with quarantinemeasures at the time of entry into Japan:
・Airfare (from Poland to Japan,one-way) 150,000 yen / Hotelfor quarantine 106,000 yen
・Establishment of Student Support Fund
Air ticket to Japan and costs associated with quarantinemeasures at the time of entry into Japan:
・Airfare(from Poland to Japan, one-way)150,000 yen / Hotelfor quarantine 106,000 yen
・Reserch fee: 500,000 yen
Online Learning Opportunities Providing on-demand teaching materials for Japanese languagelearners

Department to contact:International Affairs Office

Telephone number:03-3945-8534(Yamachi), 03-3945-8963(Negishi)

E-mail address:ml-sgu【@】


(Application is closed)

Akita University

National Akita
Eligible Applicants Ukrainian students (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Acceptance Assistance Accepting approximately five students(undergraduate and graduate). Classes are conducted in English.
Tuition Fee Assistance Full exemption
Housing Assistance Rent-free dormitory for international students
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Support for accommodation and living expenses, etc.
Other Assistance Food assistance, etc.

Department to contact:Akita University International Affairs Division

Telephone number:+81-18-889-3212

E-mail address:kokusai【@】


(Application is closed)

Ritsumeikan University

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


Kyoto, Shiga,

Osaka, Oita

Eligible Applicants Ukrainian students (including students of surrounding countries and regions)
Acceptance Assistance ・Cooperation for receiving evacuees with local government 
・Accepting Ukrainian students (including students of surrounding countries and regions) as non-degree students
Tuition Fee Assistance Considering a full tuition waiver
Housing Assistance Free accommodation in International Dormitory
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) Considering providing a living allowance (about 100,000yen per month)
Other Assistance ・Exchange programs 
・Supporting for Japanese Study 
・Fund-raising activities for Ukrainian evacuees
Online Learning Opportunities Considering offering online subjects

Department to contact:Office of General Affairs

Telephone number:+81-75-813-8137

E-mail address:somu1101【@】

Webpage:【Ritsumeikan University】

      【Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University】

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