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Foreign Universities in Japan Offering Assistance to Ukrainian Students

【Foreign Universities in Japan Offering Assistance to Ukrainian Students】

【June 8 update】

The follwing University information has been added or chenged.

Temple University, Japan Campus

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School Name

Assistance Measure Details



Tuition Fee




Living Assistance

(Financial support, etc.)



Online Learning


Temple University, Japan Campus

【Contents of support measures and Inquiry】

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Temple University, Japan Campus American Public University

Tokyo, Setagaya

Eligible Applicants

Ukrainian undergraduate students

(we offer full undergraduate majors: International Business, Communications, International Affairs, Asian Studies, Japanese, Art, Psychological Studies, Economics, Political Science, General Studies, and Computer Science)
Acceptance Assistance

10 Ukrainian undergraduate students

*Duration of support: August 2022-July 2023 (May be extended depending on availability of funds.)

Tuition Fee Assistance Full tuition scholarship
Housing Assistance Full housing arrangements (Dormitory)
Living Assistance (Financial support, etc.) 80,000 JPY per month
Other Assistance Airfare, transportation fee to Tokyo

Department to contact:Temple University, Japan Campus Ukrainian Student Support

Telephone number:03-5441-9800

E-mail address:goabroad【@】


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