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Waseda University Partial Tuition-Waiver Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students

Enrollment year of the eligible students
Available programs


Postgraduates with graduate level| Master's degree program| Doctoral degree program| Professional degree program in graduate school| Doctoral program with five-year system|

<Undergraduate Junior college>

Bachelor's degree program| Associate Degree of Junior college| Preparatory Japanese language courses for international students| Advanced course|

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Basic information

Scholarship system
Reduction of enrollment fee
Percentage of the reduction See special notes
Note Tuition for fall term will be exempted
Reduction and exception of tuition
Reduction of examination fee
Pre-arrival lump sum
Other financial support system

About recruitment

Recruitment numbers
Number of students Other
Special notes Approximately 250 students
Application period
Period Both pre-enrollment and after-enrollment
Special notes For further information, please contact your desired school/ graduate school office.
Selection process
Interview Other
Screening of the documents Other
Written examination Other
Notification of scholarship availability before arrival Yes
Special notes Application procedures may differ depending on school.


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