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Il s'agit d'une page d'information gouvernementale sur les études au Japon réservées aux étrangers, gérée par l'Organisation japonaise d’assistance aux étudiants (JASSO) en coopération avec le ministère de l'Éducation, de la Culture, des Sports, des Sciences et de la Technologie et le ministère des Affaires étrangères. Veuillez voir les détails ici.

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Support program by PATHWAYS JAPAN for students in refugee-like situations such as from Ukrainia (external link)

Pathways Japan Foundation is now accepting applications for the Toshizo Watanabe International Scholarship to support education and research at universities and graduate schools for refugees. This scholarship, offered through a scholarship fund established by a donation from Mr. Toshizo Watanabe, will provide scholarships for university and graduate school education and research for people with refugee and displaced backgrounds residing in Japan who do not yet have permanent resident status.

Scholarships are available for students from Syria, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Ukraine, or other nationalities with refugee backgrounds who will be enrolled in a university or graduate school in April or September-October 2023.
We would appreciate it if you could notify and introduce this scholarship to people with refugee backgrounds who need education or research at universities and graduate schools and continue or obtain resident status as a student.

Application period: 5th Dec, 2022 (Mon) – 25th Jan, 2023 (Wed) 8:00pm
Info sessions: First session: 23rd Fri 7:00-8:30pm Second session 14th Jan 2023 Sat 5:00-6:30pm, Registration site is here.
Number of scholars: 6-8 (will depend on the necessary amount of support for the recruited.)
Scholarship benefits: Tuition and fees, Subsidy for living expenses, four years maximum for undergraduate and necessary years to obtain degrees for graduate schools.
Scholarship features:
*Designed for those who have a refugee background, do not have a permanent resident status, and are living in Japan with a status of residence such as College Student, Designated Activities, Technical/Humanities/International Services, or Family Residency.
* Not limited to specific affiliated universities, support is available to applicants who are able to enroll in a higher education institution and the field of their choice, from junior college to university doctoral programs,
* A “full scholarship" that provides support for enrollment and tuition fees as well as living expenses.
Application site is here.

Higher Education Support Project “The Toshizo Watanabe International Scholarship” (