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PERSADA (Perhimpunan Alumni Dari Jepang)

One of the Japan alumni associations organized in Indonesia is the Perhimpunan Alumni Dari Jepang (Indonesia Former Japanese Students Association) or "PERSADA" for short.
PERSADA is a non-profit organization headquartered in Jakarta with several branches across Indonesia. It was established in 1963 with the aim of uniting young talent who shoulder the future of their country while maintaining and strengthening their relationship with the people of Japan.

Historically, Indonesian students first came to Japan to study in the early 1930s. Approximately 15 young people studied in Osaka and Tokyo as "prewar international students."
Later, as part of an initiative by the Japanese government, "Southern Special Students'' came to Japan between 1944 to 1945.
After the end of the war, more than 1,000 students and trainees were invited to Japan from 1960 to 1964 within the framework of the war reparations program, and they studied industrial technology, commerce, medicine, art, and other subjects throughout Japan as "reparation students."

These students who had studied abroad established PERSADA, an association of returnee students, with a strong desire to make use of what they had learned in Japan and pass it on to future generations.
In addition to establishing PERSADA, these members also established Darma Persada University in 1986 and Japanese language courses in areas outside of Jakarta. Darma Persada University is noteworthy as a university that was founded mainly by former returnee students to utilize their experience of studying in Japan for the development of their home country.

PERSADA's mission is to become a bridge between Indonesia and Japan and they have worked to this day with this in mind. Persada's main activities include the management of Darma Persada University as well as personnel and academic exchanges with Japanese universities through the university, Japanese presentation competitions, and study abroad fairs for studying in Japan.
As one of the founders of the ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni, (ASCOJA), PERSADA is actively working to strengthen cooperation among the 10 member countries, starting in the fields of culture and education, and with the latest activity extending to the formation of a joint agreement to advance businesses, especially those established by alumni from Japan in the 10 member countries. Together with ASCOJA, PERSADA received support from the Japanese government through ASJA International to increase our activities, especially in the academic field.

Based on the long history that our two countries have cultivated, PERSADA hopes that our heart-to-heart exchanges will continue to deepen in the future.

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