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Employment in Japan

Employment in Japan

"We would like to hire talented personnel regardless of nationality," "We need personnel who can speak foreign languages and understand foreign situations," "We would like to actively hire personnel with diverse backgrounds." In Japan, there are a growing number of companies that operate in line with these statements, and the hiring of international students is increasing. However, it is not easy for an international student to be hired in Japan. Job hunting experiences and information on job hunting-related events are posted on this website, so use them as a reference to find a job as soon as possible.

Gathering Information about Job Opportunities

Utilize employment information magazines

For information regarding the schedule for finding full-time employment, please refer to the following guidebook:

Utilize the Employment Service Center for Foreigners

From the viewpoint of enhancing international competitiveness, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is promoting the employment of international students in the professional and technical fields, including employment support to international students in Japan. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is providing international students with a variety of job-finding information through the Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka Employment Service Center for Foreigners, employment support (career guidance) starting from an early stage after admission, an internship program, and job interview meetings.

Main contents of support

  1. Employment guidance for international students
  2. Cooperation with universities (visit guidance)
  3. Internships for international students
  4. Implementation of job interview meetings for international students
  5. Career counseling and job placement for international students

Utilize the Internet

Utilize not only information websites for the employment of international students but also information websites for Japanese students.

More and more companies are now posting job openings on their websites and accepting inquiries via email.

Participate in job fairs and seminars

Many companies hold job fairs and seminars without specific selection at a venue. You will understand the companies by attending such fairs and seminars. Participate in them actively.

Seminar information is published on each corporate websites and job information websites. You can also search for information on such fairs and seminars, including the opening days, on each job information website. Information is constantly updated, so check back often.

Consultation Agencies for Foreign Workers

This is a telephone consultation service for foreign workers to get advice on working conditions, etc.

What to do if you cannot find a job

Even if you are unable to find a job before graduation from the Japanese university*1 or professional training college*2, you can still continue to engage in job-seeking activities in Japan for one more year after graduation by changing your status of residence from "Student" to "Designated Activities." The period of stay of "Designated Activities" is six months, and as a rule, only one additional six-month extension is allowed*3. For more information on procedures, please inquire at a regional immigration bureau.

*1 Includes junior colleges and graduate schools. However, this does not include preparatory Japanese language program students, audit students, credit-earning students and research students.
*2 Limited to those who have acquired a diploma.
*3 If you fulfill certain requirements, you may continue looking for a job into your second year after graduation.

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