Planning to Study in Japan

Useful materials


The Study In Japan Basic Guide is a booklet summarizing basic knowledge about studying in Japan.
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Study in Japan Basic Guide(English)

Study in Japan Basic Guide(English)


  • Attraction of Studying in Japan
  • Japanese Educational System
  • 7 Steps to Study in Japan
  • About the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students)
  • Necessary Expenses for Studying in Japan
  • About Scholarships
  • Employment in Japan
  • Interviews and Q&A
  • Information Gathering

Multi-Language version

Scholarship for International Students in Japan

Application requirements and selection procedures differ depending on the organization providing the scholarship, so please check the "Scholarship for International Students in Japan"for details.

Study in Japan Resource Facilities

JASSO offers information on STUDY in JAPAN for international students who are considering studying in Japan. Many brochures, books and magazines are available at JASSO's overseas representative offices and the 55 information centers listed below.

JASSO also offers consulting services at JASSO's overseas representative offices in Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Support for Ukrainian Students from Japanese Universities or Japanese Language Education Institutions

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