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Events for the people who want to work as Specified Skilled Worker (Immigration Services Agency of Japan)

Immigration Services Agency of Japan will hold the online and in-person job fair events for those who would like to work in Japan as a Specified Skilled Worker.

For those who are interested in Specified Skilled Worker, so called SSW, Immigration Services Agency of Japan will hold online briefing sessions about SSW and about Japan companies and information sessions and interviews about Japanese companies in Japan.
If you want to work with the status of residence, Specified Skilled Worker, "SSW", please apply for the events.

Overseas job fair (online)


Face-to-face joint company briefing session

Tokyo: 13/Dec/2023(Wed) / Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsucho Building

Osaka19/Jan/2024(Fri) / Namba Midosuji Hall

Fukuoka30/Jan/2024(Tue) / FFB hall

online matching event

20/Nov/2023 - 20/March/2024 ※for Japanese residents

*During the period, schedule an interview with a Japanese company through the website "Japan Gate" operated by Injestar.

register and apply

For Japanese residents

Specified Skilled Worker-SSW-Matching Event (

For Overseas residents

Specified Skilled Worker-SSW-Matching Event (