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Planning studies in Japan

Short-term Study Programs

"Short-term study program" refers to a program of any period from a few weeks to a full school year, which does not lead to a degree.

Some programs consist of classes conducted in Japanese only while others offer classes in English only or in both Japanese and English.

There are various types of programs, depending on the university, such as special classes exclusive to short-term international students, as well as those accepting international students enrolled in general departmental courses.

Short-term study programs are divided into the following 5 types according to the characteristics of each program.

Short-term Study Programs
  1. Search for universities with short-term study programs
  2. In order to obtain the "Student" status of residence as a research student, an audit student or credit-earning student, he/she is required by law to attend at least ten hours of classes a week. A research student who will engage in unpaid research without auditing classes requires the "Cultural Activities" status of residence.