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    Planning studies in Japan

    Short-term Study Programs

    • “Short-term study program” refers to a program of any period from a few weeks to a full school year, but which does not lead to a degree. Short-term students are generally considered nonregular students.
    • Language used in the class: Some programs consist of classes conducted in Japanese only while others offer classes in English only or in both Japanese and English.
    • Program formats: There are various formats, depending on the university, such as special classes exclusively for short-term international students or those accepting international students enrolled in general departmental courses.
    Short-term Study Programs

    1. Search for universities with short-term study programs

    2. To obtain the “Student” status of residence as a research student by studying exclusively by auditing classes, audit student or credit-earning student, he/she is required by law to attend at least ten hours of classes a week. A research student who will engage in unpaid research without auditing classes requires the “Cultural Activities” status of residence.

    Q:are there any scholarship programs available short-term study abroad?