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Planning studies in Japan

University transfer programs

There are many universities offering university transfer/inter-university transfer programs (changing departments/majors) in different formats and requirements.

  • It is not necessarily allowed every year.
  • It is not necessarily applicable to all departments and faculties.
  • The terms completed and the credits earned at another university are not always transferable.

To transfer/inter-university transfer to a university (or an undergraduate major/department), usually one of the following requirements must be met.

  • Graduates of junior colleges
  • Graduates of colleges of technology
  • Students having a diploma from a professional training college
  • Graduates of an advanced course of upper secondary schools
  • Students who have completed a university's general education (year 1 and above) and fulfill the necessary credits required by the transfer institution.
  • Graduates of an undergraduate program.

Compared to regular admission, information on university transfer/inter-university transfer programs is very limited. Get information early on from your school about the available options.