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Law |Political Science

Graduate School of International Social Sciences | Department of International and Business Law (April 2023 Admission)
Master's Degree
Period of study
Medium of instruction
Japanese, English (Supplementary)
Pre-arrival admission
Transfer system

Period of enrollment/period of applying /Date of examination result announcement

Entrance period 2023/ April
Starting period (month) to apply to the entrance examination 2022/07/20
Ending period (month) to apply to the entrance examination 2022/07/26
Recruitment numbers 25Person
Number of successful examinees/all examinees of the previous year 19/ 21
Date of examination result announcement 2022/09/16
Special notes "Recruitment numbers" and "Number of successful examinees/all examinees of the previous year" include Japanese students. "Number of examinees/all examinees of the previous year" of international students is "13/14" (including the second round admission).
The second round admission will be conducted if the "number of successful examinees" is less than "recruitment numbers". (Application guidelines released: Late October, Application period: Late December, and Examination: Mid February)

Examination subjects【Standardized exam required at the time of examination】

Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students
Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Required scores for English proficienty tests
TOEIC Select
TOEFL Select
IELTS Select

Examination subjects【Examination conducted uniquely by school】

Screening of the documents Necessary
Interview Necessary
(Oral examination incl.presentation) Necessary
Short-essay Not-necessary
Practical exam Not-necessary
Written examination
Japanese Not-necessary
English Not-necessary
Mathematics Not-necessary
Science Not-necessary
Specialized subject Necessary
Special notes NOTE: Application procedures for 2023 admission such as schedules or selection procedures might be changed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.


E-mail int.gakumu-all【@】
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Transfer system

Yes/No Have no system

Restriction on eligibility of examinees who received Japanese primary and secondary education

Yes/No No