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Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is vibrant as a city that leads Japan and the world. One of the attractions of Tokyo is that people from various regions and countries gather and interact with each other, and there is a tendency for many cultures to merge and to create new things. The Imperial Palace and Japanese state institutions are gathered together, occupying a particularly important position in Japan.

tokyo *This map does not include topographical features and island areas and does not cover the entire area of Japan.

Famous places / spots recommended by locals

Tokyo skytree

Tokyo skytree

You can see the observation deck overlooking the city center and Mt. Fuji in a sunny day. There are also Tokyo Solamachi, a planetarium; and, an aquarium, so you can enjoy it all day long.



There are many commercial facilities such as DiverCity Tokyo, where you can see life-sized Gundam; and, Venus Fort. You can also enjoy the sea breeze of Odaiba on a rental cycle.

Foods recommended by locals

  • Edomaezushi


    Japanese food "sushi" is now popular overseas. The sushi made by sushi chefs is excellent. You can enjoy various kinds of sushi.

  • Chanko-nabe


    In Ryogoku, Tokyo, there are hot pot restaurants for wrestlers to strengthen their bodies. A nutritious pot will rejuvenate your mind and body!

Climate (temperature / precipitation)

Temperature (°C)

Temperature (°C) (Source: Japan Metrogical Agency)

Precipitation (mm)

Precipitation (mm) (Source: Japan Metrogical Agency)

The average annual temperature is about 15°C. Urban climate where summer is hot and humid while strong monsoons and dry sunny days in winter.

Cost of living

Rent is based on the research by the national rental management system business assosiation, and others are based on the statistical data by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication.

  • Rent


    68,744 yen

  • Electricity


    3,705 yen

  • Water


    1,899 yen

  • Ramen
    (Eating out)

    Ramen(Eating out)

    563 yen

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