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Miyazaki Prefecture is connected to Japanese mythology. There is a place where you can touch the hearts of Japanese people through nature. The fresh fruits harvested in Miyazaki are also attractive!

miyazaki *This map does not include topographical features and island areas and does not cover the entire area of Japan.

Famous places / spots recommended by locals



Takachihokyo is designated as a natural monument, and the Manai Falls seen from the rowing boat is a masterpiece. It is a mysterious valley surrounded by steep cliffs.

Amano Yasukawara

Amano Yasukawara

"Amanoyasukawara", which is located upstream of Iwato River, is said to be the place where eight million gods has come to consult Amaterasu Omikami when he hid in Iwato. A torii gate and a shrine are built in the cave, and you may not be able to worship if the river rises due to heavy rain.

Foods recommended by locals

  • Chickin Nanban

    Chickin Nanban

    Miyazaki Prefecture is said to be the birthplace of chicken nanban. Mix crispy fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce then eat with tartar sauce.

  • Mango


    Miyazaki's mangoes, grown in a warm climate and blessed by the sun, are very fresh! Please taste the freshly picked one.

Climate (temperature / precipitation)

Temperature (°C)

Temperature (°C) (Source: Japan Metrogical Agency)

Precipitation (mm)

Precipitation (mm) (Source: Japan Metrogical Agency)

Miyazaki Prefecture is a warm and sunny area with many sunny days and long daylight hours. The climate is comfortable all year round.

Cost of living

Rent is based on the research by the national rental management system business assosiation, and others are based on the statistical data by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication.

  • Rent


    43,127 yen

  • Electricity


    3,600 yen

  • Water


    1,752 yen

  • Ramen
    (Eating out)

    Ramen(Eating out)

    631 yen

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