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Magnificent nature in Iwate attracts many tourists, especially mountain climbers. In addition, you can see the beautiful landscape made by geographical feature of ria coast line such as Joudogahama. In Iwate, people values the traditional culture preserved from ancient times, which makes this prefecture more fascinating

iwate *This map does not include topographical features and island areas and does not cover the entire area of Japan.

Famous places / spots recommended by locals

Chusonji Temple

Chusonji Temple

Chusonji Temple is a famous historical spot in Hiraizumi. It is a World Heritage site. We can find 3000 of national treasures and important cultural properties including Konjiki-do Golden Hall. In Chusonji Temple we can learn a lot about buddhism arts at Heian period.

SL Ginga

SL Ginga

SL Ginga is a steam locomotive designed under the theme of the novel "The Night of the Milky Way Train", which was written by Kenji Miyazawa. He was a poet and author of a children's stories birthed in Iwate prefecture. SL Ginga runs between JR Hanamaki Station and Kamaishi station. The interior of the cars are designed like early Showa or Taisho period style. You can enjoy a romantic atmosphere.

Foods recommended by locals

  • Wanko-soba


    "Wanko-soba" is a soba noodles served in a small vermilion-lacquered bowl. It has been handed down from ancient times at a mountain village in Iwate prefecture. It is famous for its unique style of serving; server sits next to guests and continuously serves noodles when they finish one bowl. When guests put the lid on the bowl, it means they finished eating.

  • Morioka Reiemen

    Morioka Reiemen

    This noodle goes down easily, and goes perfectly with kimchi ! It is a representive local dish in Morioka City,

Climate (temperature / precipitation)

Temperature (°C)

Temperature (°C) (Source: Japan Metrogical Agency)

Precipitation (mm)

Precipitation (mm) (Source: Japan Metrogical Agency)

In Iwate, there is a drastic change in temperature between summer and winter. It is hot in summer, but snows heavily on winter along the mountainside. Some parts in Iwate are the coldest areas in Honshu, which becomes approximately -30°C in winter. You can find variety of nature depends on each seasons.

Cost of living

Rent is based on the research by the national rental management system business assosiation, and others are based on the statistical data by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication.

  • Rent


    46,719 yen

  • Electricity


    4,500 yen

  • Water


    2,348 yen

  • Ramen
    (Eating out)

    Ramen(Eating out)

    593 yen

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