Result of an Annual survey of International Students in Japan 2020

1. Overview of international students acceptance

279,597 international students in Japan as of May 1, 2020,
10.4% down from last year.

(1) Number of international students by institutional type

Persons Increase/decrease
Graduate schools 53,056 (33 : 0.1% down)
Universities (undergraduate) 79,826 (9,776 : 10.9% down)
Junior colleges 2,828 (16 : 0.6% down)
Colleges of technology 423 (83 : 16.4% down)
Professional training colleges 79,598 (754 : 1.0% up)
University preparatory courses 3,052 (466 : 13.2% down)
Japanese language institutes 60,814 (22,997 : 27.4% down)

(2) Five major countries / regions of origin

Persons Increase/decrease
China 121,845 (2,591 : 2.1% down)
Vietnam 62,233 (11,156 : 15.2% down)
Nepal 24,002 (2,306 : 8.8% down)
Republic of Korea 15,785 (2,553 : 13.9% down)
Taiwan 7,088 (2,496 : 26.0% down)

Note 1: "International student" on this survey, is defined pursuant to provisions of Appended Table 1 of the "Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law", as a student from a foreign country who is granted the status of residence as "College Student" (Student Visa), who is receiving education at Japanese university, graduate school, junior college, college of technology, professional training college, educational institution provides university preparatory course and Japanese language institutes in Japan.

Note 2: "Short-term international student" on this survey is defined as a student from a foreign country who is receiving education in Japan for a period of one year or less. The purpose of a student is not necessarily to obtain a degree but rather to study at Japanese university, to experience a Japanese culture, or to master Japanese language.

2. Trends in Number of International Students by Source of Funds (As of each May 1)

3. Trends in Number of International Students by Institutional Type (As of each May 1)

Trends in Number of International Students by Institutional Type

*Note: "University preparatory course" is a course that has been designated by MEXT for students from countries where the number of years required for the completion of secondary education is less than 12 years. Upon completion of this course, students are permitted to enter a Japanese university.

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